Awadhvikas Nidhi Limited

AwadhVikas Nidhi Limited is formed by its founding members and is currently operational in the states of Uttar Pradesh. The company is incorporated on 22nd of November 2016 under the Companies Act 2013, functioning under Nidhi Rules - Regulated by Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) - Government of India. The company is backed with members from variety of backgrounds, community, social status and age groups making it one of the most versatile organizations currently functional. We accept deposits from our members/shareholders within the stipulated norms issued by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. The funds mobilized are utilized to a great extent for advancing of loans. Thus, the funds are fully secured and therefore the investments with us are in very safe. The objective of the company is to encourage the middle class and small business holders to save money, Our goals to provide full range of financial services required by the customers, build an institution which is best in class in all aspects. Provide full range of financial services to the economically active poor to build better lives. We have a dedicated team of professionals who will understand your credit requirements and help you unlock optimum value from our wide range of schemes with attractive interest rates and minimum loan processing time.

Our Vision & Mission :

AwadhVikas Nidhi Limited is one of the best company for financial support and providing economical growth to formers and poor vendors .It is also Generates the employment to provide empowerment to youth thus helping growth to our society .

Our Team Leaders

Mrs. Neetu Singh
Managing Director
Mr. Alok Kumar Singh